My name is Lynda, also known as Akasha NohAta.  I am from Bucks County, Pennsylvania where the Lenne Lenape peoples once reside.  It is with deep respect that I am able to walk this land that was once theirs.  I am currently a Shamanic Priestess initiate of the Red Moon Mystery School under which I study with Nikiah Seeds.  It is with great honor to learn from such a wise woman.  Her training and tradition is of northern celtic shamanism and I am blessed to have this knowledge passed down to me.

I am here to anchor the Divine Feminine Codes of Creation into the Earths Grid and restore balance to our energy bodies so we may reawaken back to wholeness  and experience Unity Consciousness.  I believe that my mission is to keep expanding and growing as much as possible because it gives others permission to do the same. 

As we move into integrating our multi-faceted, multi-dimensional aspects into our consciousness, we become aligned with Oneness.  My calling lies deep with space holding and going into the places that fell uncomfortable.  I am deeply inspired by those who are willing to dive deep into those places no matter how sticky they might get and transform these places into new levels of awareness.    


Through 1:1 Sessions & Group Trainings, I've now guided hundreds of people to:

Transcend: Limiting beliefs and old timelines that keep you stuck from creating new realities

Rebirth: Re pattern & restructure DNA to activate the souls highest potential

Release: Blockages held within cellular memory and receive new codes directly from Spirit that bypasses the logical mind and speaks straight to the heart.

I do this through simply being and living my personal truth.  My words are living activations.  The energy I send out into the world is a living transmission onto all who is open to receive shifting new REALties.

I AM a change maker.

What do you want to shift and change in your life?

I would love to help you make this happen.

Blessed Be



Coming out of this work gives you deep confidence and tools to forge a new path in your life.  However, I am sensitive to those who may not have financial access to these services.  If this is the case, please reach out to me.  I am willing to work on a sliding scale to fit your budget until things improve for you.  OR if you have a business in photography, web design, audio/video or marketing/advertisement, fitness, energy work or body work, let's collaborate or speak about a possible trade in services. 

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