The Gatekeeper


Welcome to my portal. I hold a key to other dimensions and help others unlock their gifts. I am a GATEKEEPER to these worlds.

I work with visionaries, creatives, shamans, witches, healers, lightworkers, and the wayshowers of the planet. I will be selecting 8 people to go on a DEEP dive to extract the blocks standing in the way of your TRUTH and your DIVINITY. The blocks that keep you from hiding your gifts.

The people who I will be hand selecting hold the keys to ancient knowledge and doorways into other dimensions.

And I am the GATEKEEPER.

Once you decide to enter my Portal, I will unlock hidden truths within you.

I hold the codes of the Priestess of the Ancient Temples. I am the Medicine woman from Indigenous tribes. I sit on the Galactic Council. I am Multi Dimensional. I travel through space and time. I am looking for other Gatekeepers to activate the TRUTH in others and liberate the world from the control we have been under.

Welcome to My Domain...

Where the purest form of LIGHT resides...

In the DARK


I was born Lynda Margaret Bianchini in a small town of Pennsylvania.  I believe my soul chose this path as a way shower through many initiations of rebirth and transformation to eliminate deeply rooted conditioning of sexual shame, victimhood, addiction and financial slavery.  I degraded myself with abusive men, allowed myself to be treated poorly, and did a lot of things against my values.

I suffered from epilepsy, a mass on my thyroid, over eating, low libido, and the hardest of all self sabotage.

Deep down I always knew I had gifts.

The biggest of all was my heart.

I started doing tons of work on myself.  Inner child healing, meditation, yoga, tapping, affirmations, reiki, accupuncture, cupping, gua sha.  The list goes on.  I have been devoted and committed to an ongoing healing and service to my body temple and always will be.  Creating rituals and sacred space has been a number one priority for loving myself and healing my neurological system.

I quickly got certified in many modalities while I was a working hair stylist beginning with reiki.  But nothing comes close to the language I speak that activates your Souls Truth.

I was given the name AKASHA which means 'I am the sky" as I started to travel inter dimensionally and extract information from different galaxies and star systems through birthing creation codes from the Cosmic Womb.  

NOHATA means "No Boundaries" or "limitless"

As I continue to shed old beliefs and conditioning around Lynda and the human I was born into, there are NO limits to how much I/WE/YOU can expand. This is why I am here.  To let go of any fear, have courage and allow Spirit to work through me, so you can see that we can have an amazing life.      




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